I was born in Valparaiso, Chile, on 5 February 1976. From an early age I was attracted to the arts. My first contact with art was through drawing, sculpture and decorative acrylic paint on canvas performing my maternal grandmother with model airplanes.

Until 8 years I lived in Chile, then later moved with my family to France, then to Barcelona and finally traveling to the Canary Islands, where we set our residence. I always kept my interest in drawing so I decided to study illustration at the School of Art in Las Palmas and then working as an illustrator on Skate Jart and working on several other projects.

In 1995 begins my journey in the world of tattoo and since then its been my profession, which has enabled me to move from places like Italy, Japan, Indonesia, USA and London, in the latter collaborating with my great friend Miguel Angel from Ouch Tattoo, and currently in his own studio Latin Angel in Richmond UK.