Raul Perez Escríbano - Tatuador


I was born in the Madrid suburb of Carabanchel in December 1979 and from three years my life has been linked to pencil and sheet. I studied graphic design, comics and illustration at the prestigious E.S.D.I.P. (School of Professional Drawing) of Madrid. Throughout these years I have worked as a children’s illustrator in New York and as a graphic designer and illustrator in Madrid and Las Palmas.

After living in Alicante and Berlin, where I never stopped drawing, I have settled for years in Las Palmas, being here where I developed another field that I love, and where I focus my work now, the tattoo world.

In 2013 begins my journey in this art working for Renato Tatuajes, first collaborating in the creation of designs and gradually bringing them to the skin, always with the support and experience of my mates and teachers Renato Joy and Carlos Cruz.