Raul Perez Escríbano - Tatuador


In 2001 he travels to NYC and Florida where he will work for the first time in a studio outside Chile. Then he went back to Chile, with new ideas and opened with his friend Nicholas “Maracaibo” a new study “Primitive”, which he regented for a few years until he caught the travel bug again.

This time he decided to meet the old continent, working in Malmo, Hamburg, Barcelona and then Las Palmas, joining his friend Renato to work on “Renato Tatuajes” as a guest artist on several occasions.

Finally Miguel makes his home in London, where he´s settled for eight years. After making his name appear in magazines such as “Skin Deep Mag” “Total Tattoo Mag” and “Bizarre Mag” last series of shortfilms on Channel 4 “Tattoo Twist” in 2013, Miguel opened his first studio in London, creating a new concept studio / boutique more focused on treatment of customers and the quality of work rather than quantity. Miguel continually visits his beloved Las Palmas, where you can find working with Ruth and Renato.